Resolutions – Success or Failure

Let’s consider why we often fail in keeping those New Year Resolutions, year after year after year.

  • Too Big:  Is that goal impractical? “I’m going to write and get published 10 books by Dec. 31st.” “Oh, sure I will. If I limit my sleep allowance to one hour nightly and become a complete stranger to my family.”  Maybe if each book is about 1000 words.
  • It is someone else’s goal: That article in Woman’s Day said I should exercise 45 minutes 6 days a week. Oh yes. That goal lasted three days last year!
  • Grow a garden! That sounds great. There is no tiller in the storage building. I have a bad back.
  • Read 100 books this year. Again, children’s books, 1000 words per book. Speed reader? Who cares if I can remember what I read!
  • I suppose you can add a few to this unreasonable list. Think of one.

So, let’s look at each example and do some editing. Turn the impossible into possible.

  • Write and publish: one book and six articles. For a writer, this would be possible.
  • Exercise: Give yourself credit for housework, playing in the yard with the kids, walking through the store shopping for food, parking across the parking lot, making bread the old-fashioned way.  That nearly completes the goal. What other physical activities do you already do? Perhaps that will nearly satisfy the amount of the requirement. Now, it will be fun to put on some music now and then and do some official exercise a couple of times a week. Now your goal is possible!
  • Garden?!?   Forget about that 10ft. x 20 ft. plot of grass that would need to be dug up. How about doing it in pots. Some people split open a bag of potting soil and plant right into the soil!  That is a possible goal. Right?
  • Read. Shrink the number to one or two a week, depending on the size of book. Give yourself a break while the kids do their homework. You will be setting a good example for them. Reading should be for pleasure and learning. And, those who are prolific writers are also avid readers.
  • Now, take that unreasonable goal that you gave yourself last year and see how you can make it reasonable.


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