Unacceptable Halloween costumes

Cherokee Hottie Indian Tribal Chief Women’s Adult Halloween Costume Outfit

Cherokee Mistress Indian Tribal Chief Women’s Adult Halloween Costume Outfit

one definition of mistress : a woman having an extramarital sexual relationship, especially with a married man. The costume certainly implies such a possibility.

These outfit and many others are being offered on eBay by a company called Rave Wonderland.  ravewonderland

I have expressed my opinion to eBay for allowing this to happen. I would like to hear from my readers on this topic.
The following information is posted on the internet for you to read and consider:

You may think it’s harmless dressing like a Native American this …


Oct 24, 2016 – This father was most likely unaware that it is disrespectful to dress his daughter and himself as Native American. I could shrug it off as cultural …

An Open Letter to Non-Natives in Headdresses | âpihtawikosisân


If you choose to be disrespectful, please do not be surprised when people are offended… … “Native American” or “Indian” is such a vague label. ….. clear here is what exactly is specifically traditional to ONLY Native American head dresses.

Why It’s Disrespectful for Black Women to ‘Dress Up’ as Native …


Oct 14, 2016 – Native Americans are outright disrespected in retail stores. Right now at Spirit Halloween there is a costume called Reservation Royalty Adult Women’s Costume and they refuse to remove it. And it’s a safe bet no Native American profits financially off of their culture being ripped off and disrespected...


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