Long Days and Short Nights

This could be part two of my post about insomnia.

I’ve been having trouble sleeping for several nights. That comes from illness that keeps waking me up AND an overactive brain. Therefore, I’ve had more day than night, in pieces.

Daylight Savings Time, is a ridiculous notion in my mind. If someone wants a longer day, just set the alarm earlier. Why make everyone deal with re-setting the clock twice a year? So, there MyraSaidIt!

It was a very old idea introduced by George Hudson in New Zealand in 1895. It was not put into practice until April 30 1916 in the German Empire and Austria-Hungary. Other countries implemented it at various times since. It began use in the United States with the Ohio Clock (Senate Clock) at the US Capitol in 1918.

I’m glad I live in Arizona – no DST except on the Navajo Reservation. I Don’t need DST and I do not have chickens.

I’m reminded of when I was a child. My parents, especially my dad, wanted to go to bed as soon as it was dark. So, it was “to bed with the chickens”. We lived on a farm, with chickens, of course. We went to bed early and got up early, with no alarm needed beyond the sun and the rooster.

My sister’s big fluffy red hen had an interesting habit. Every evening at roosting time she walked around a huge tree in the front yard, looking here and there. As long as she knew we were watching her, she remained on the ground. When she decided she wasn’t observed, she flew up into that tree and nestled in a leafy spot and there she stayed until daylight. It was fun watching her up in that tree, peeking through the limbs, thinking she was hidden.

I was interested in “to bed with the chickens” and did a search. I found it listed in idioms.thefreedictionary.com,  just meaning to go to bed at the same time the chickens do. That led me to searching roosters who wake up the farm in the morning. I miss-remembered them crowing at daylight; They do their crowing before sun-up.  Following that plan makes for a very long day- DST not needed. Just get a rooster.

I discovered a bunch of Rooster products online:

  • a game called Wake the Rooster by Telling Time: help Tiny Chicken wake the rooster, a math game
  • there is a Little Rooster Store
  • a morning alarm wake-up alarm;
  • go to YouTube videos
  • Little Rooster Alarm Clock on Amazon
  • Wake Up, Henry Rooster a book by Margaret Ruurs
  • The Chicken Cat by Stephanie Simpson McLellan, this kitten thinks he is a chicken because a mother hen was perfectly willing to adopt him

Hens deserve equal attention, but there isn’t much.

My sister’s red hen could have been the model for The Little Red Hen’s mother published by Little Golden Books since the 1940s, if she had been in the story. It is an old folk tale, probably from Russia. Other versions have been written as well.

Thanks for visiting. I could serve chicken noodle soup and crackers.










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