Common Things in Life

My March calendar has a quote that became my writer’s prompt. No credit was given.

When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way,

you will command the attention of the world.

Think of all the common things we do each day.

  • prepare a meal
  • do the dishes
  • drive to work
  • talk on the phone
  • visit Facebook
  • do laundry
  • cleaning
  • filing
  • bookwork
  • read a book
  • post a blog

Wouldn’t it be interesting to create some interesting ways to do those things even without gaining the world’s attention? If we just choose one of those common things each day to do a little differently, it could make a nice difference in our personal lives and the lives of our families or co-workers.

Here goes:

Prepare a meal and set the table with a tablecloth the nice china and some flowers. It becomes a company dinner for one or the family.  Perhaps there could be some quiet music in the background.

Do the dishes to music and dancing. What a fun way to get some exercise. BTW: I often do that while I am tending food on the cook stove.

Drive to work with a cheerful music or book CD. Take a different route and pay attention to what you see. Be extra courteous to other drivers. That does not mean waving someone to take the right of way at four-way stops which is illegal. It could mean letting someone change lanes in front of you even if it slows you down.

Talk on the phone while doing your coloring project. Think more about the other person than about what you want to say next. Really listen. Ask questions to make it a shared conversation.

Visit Facebook and give friendly responses to Friends’ comments. Forget politics for a while – many people are up to their ears with that topic. Create your own group for a topic you would enjoy sharing and invite some friends to join. My group is Bookworms.

Do laundry. Make a game of it with the kids. Make up stories with them. Little ones can practice learning their colors while sorting. They can count and match socks. Don’t tell them they are also learning how to do the laundry.

Cleaning: music goes well with this chore too. Who said you can’t dance your way through the kitchen with a mop for your partner?  It is also a nice time to listen to a recorded book if you are not  using the vacuum.

Remember this?

He skipped school to go swimming. He got caught and was given the chore of whitewashing the fence. He made it look like fun and his friends wanted to help him. They had to pay for the privilege with their treasures.

Now, that was truly doing a common thing in an uncommon way and it did command the attention of the world.  


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